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Hydrology Centre

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State Water Cadastre Division



Hydrological Monitoring Center (HMC) is a structural subdivision of the Hydrology Department of SHS, the main activity of which is to ensure a coherent structural functionality and the National Network of Hydrological Monitoring.


The National Hydrological Monitoring Network (NHMN) of surface water consists of two stations (station Ungheni and Dubasari station) and 54 hydrological stations, 30 in the Dniester River basin, 24 in the Prut river, the Danube and the Black Sea basins.


NHMN of the quantitative status of surface water provides the information for making operational Necessary decisions in preventing dangerous hydrological phenomena, water management, and for developing river basins management plan.



  • to ensure the provision of consistent and operational hydrologic data for the development of hydrological forecasts, as well as annual data to compile the Hydrological Yearbook;

  • to prepare, supply and modernize the hydrological stations with new equipment necessary for the hydrological observations;

  • to organize and carry out flow measurements together with representatives of the National Administration "Romanian Waters" in the case of Prut river and representatives of Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center in the case of Dniester river according to the flow measurement program;

  • in cases of exceptional hydrological situations (floods), HCM enters operatively by conducting field trips in order to study the manifestation of hydrological phenomena as well as taking emergency and frequent flow measurements in order to capture the flood wave, the maximum water level , and to determine flood areas 24/24 hours, 7 days a week.


Contact:               tel      : (022) 76-45-88


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