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Hydrology Centre


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Hydrography Group




The Hydrology Department actively participates in the international data exchange and fulfillment of the obligations under the Convention on Cooperation and Sustainable Use of the Danube River Basin and agreements of collaboration with the National Hydrological and Meteorological Services of the neighboring countries.

The Group carries out hydrographical research in basins on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The recent data on rivers regime are included in the Guide from 1978.

In 1999 the State Hydrometeorological Service started repeated researches on small rivers, initially of the Prut river basin.

             There were carried out research of:


    Delia river (july-august 1999);

    Ciuhur river (october-november 2000);

    Girla Mare river (november 2000);

    Sarata river (december 2000);

    Nîrnova river (july 2004);

    Lăpuşna river (june 2005);

    Camenca  river (2006);

    Ciulucul Mic river and Cahul river (2007).



Prut River Basin 


Research of Ciuhur, Gîrla Mare and Sărata rivers took place in the period October-December 2000 in the frame of the project Prut river tributaries. The main objective of the project was the assessment of influence on Prut rover of the lateral contribution, including the small rivers discharge.

The result of the research was the determination of the main hydrological characteristics and the analyses of the conditions forming the discharge in the rivers. The activities were carried out by the specialists of the Hydrographic Group of the Hydrology Department.



Interactive map of the Prut River Basin



Deputy Chief of the HD Gherghelegiu V. - tel        : (022) 76-45-88
     e- mail


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