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Research and GIS Center (RGISC) of the State Hydrometeorological Service conducts research in the field of hydrometeorology and environmental quality monitoring to ensure the institution subdivisions with methodological scientific support.

The specialists of the center have experience in processing and interpretation of meteorological, hydrological and environmental quality monitoring information, combining these competences with abilities in the field of geographic information systems.

In this context, within the RGISC are performed:

- elaboration of methodological scientific materials in the areas of activity of the Service;

- elaboration of scientific publications in the areas of activity of the Service;

- track of scientific and practical achievements in the field of GIS;

- cartographic materials for the elaboration of forecasts, the analysis of certain processes or actions of meteorological factors;

- cartographic materials for the website of the Service;

- digital maps of land use, updated from satellite images;

- different spatial maps and thematic maps;

- thematically dedicated GIS databases;

- products derived from GIS info-plans (basins and sub-basins surface, average altitude of sub-basins, the forest area, forestation coefficient etc.);

- digital model of the elevation of the terrain and derived products (slope, exposure, altitude floors, topographic profiles etc.);

- hazard and flood, drought risk maps etc.;

- model of flood risk in floodplains of large rivers and small rivers;

- maps of flood, drought hit areas;

- estimates of water reserves in the snow, expressed as volume and average water layer of hydropower and water supply basins;

- agrometeorological and biophysical parameters of vegetation cover derived from satellite data (soil surface temperature, real evapo-transpiration, leaf index, biomass, spatial structure, vegetation indices etc.);

- accidental pollution risk modeling in floodplains of large rivers;

- methodological guidelines for the use of GIS technologies in spatial analysis of hydrometeorological phenomena and processes and their forecast.




Chief of the Center                   Dan Titov              tel: (022) 77-35-30






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