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Measurement Means Center

Şef al Centrului  Veaceslav Cereş

The Measurement Means Center (MMC) is a subdivision of the State Hydrometeorological Service (SHS), founded in 1983.

The obligations of the Center consist in the technical maintenance of the means of measurement within the national observation network and SHS subdivisions, as well as in the provision of metrological verification of all measurement means used in the meteorological and hydrological monitoring.

The Center performs the following functions:

  • The implementation of the standards in force and the control of their compliance;

  • The metrological control and supervision of the measurement means (correct use, technical compliance, etc.);

  • The planning of activities of modernization and development of the measurement means base of SHS;

  • The collaboration with relevant national and international institutions in the field of metrological verification.

During 2010, the Center’s activity developed according to the regulations in force and to the plan of activity of SHS for this year. The annual metrological verification of all measurement means with hydrometeorological destination and of environmental quality monitoring of the SHS (the equipment and the instruments used within the national observation network and in the labs of the Environmental Quality Monitoring Department) take place every year.

The Technical and Scientific Collaboration Agreement in the field of hydrometeorological insurance between MMC and the “Academic metrology” laboratory of the Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnology „D. Ghiţu” within the Moldovan Science Academy, was signed in 2010. It consists in the consolidation of joint efforts in the field of improving the metrological insurance of measurement means with hydrometeorological destination.




Chief of the Center               Veaceslav Cereş        tel: (022) 76-67-55



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