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Date of inssuing: 17.09.2021   

Hour: 14:20  

Forecasted phenomena: Frost  

Text of the message

At night and during morning in the period of September 21-24, it's expected frost up to -1..-3C.

Depending on the evolution of the phenomena, the SHS will update this message with later meteorological warnings.






No dangerous meteorological phenomena forecasted. 

 The weather conditions are potentially dangerous, the weather events forecasted (rain, lightning, wind intensification, high or low temperature, the risk of flow and level increase in rivers and rivulets, etc..) are common for the territory of the country, but temporarily they may become dangerous for certain social and economic activities.

The meteorological conditions present real danger, extreme phenomena of high intensity are forecasted (storm, rain, lightning, hail, extreme heat, frost, flood risk etc.), which may adversely affect the social and economic activities and can cause substantial material damages and human victims.

Very dangerous weather conditions; extreme intensity weather phenomena are forecasted (storm, heavy rain, hail, extreme heat, frost, major flood risk etc.), may happen great material damages and are possible numerous human victims. There is the possibility to establish the exceptional situation for the extended regions.


Risks and recommandations:

Risks and recommandations:

Risks and recommandations:

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